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Dr. Philip Lai, Ontario Otolaryngologist

February 12, 2018
Otolaryngologist Dr. Philip Lai likes to work hard at his medical specialty from his very own professional clinic in Oakville, Ontario, and his patients seem to appreciate the work he does, for the most part, if patient reviews are any indication. Though his professional title, otolaryngologist, looks really complicated and can be difficult to pronounce, it is actually the oldest medical specialty in North America. it just means he specializes in ailments and problems having to do with the ear, nose and throat, or ENT. He and the other medical professionals at the Dr. Philip Lai Clinic have all been trained thoroughly in the treatment and surgery of everything related to the region of the body above the shoulders. They can treat anything having to do with the head and neck.

As an otolaryngologist, Dr. Philip Lai is a diagnostician and treatment specialist., which means he and his staff at his clinic diagnose and manage diseases involving the sinuses, the larynx (voice box), the upper pharynx, which means the throat and mouth, the ears and basically anything at or above the neck. Treatment of the ears is extremely important, given that hearing loss will affect about one in ten people in North America at some point.

That is why ENT specialists like Dr. Philip Lai have been thoroughly trained to handle all medical and surgical treatments for many different ear problems, including ear infections, balance disorders, tinnitus, nerve pain, and facial and cranial nerve disorders, in addition to basic hearing loss. Dr. Lai also can manage congenital disorders of the outer and inner ear, so that anyone with a lifelong ear difficulty can find relief with Dr. Philip Lai.